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Developing and designing high impact projects affect the lives, business, and property of those in the area.  Our team of community relations specialist work with those in and around our project zones to bring communities on board with our projects from inception through completion.  

Community Planning & Stakeholder Outreach

The project management team at ISEA are experts at bringing the innovative and thoughtful concepts of our design team to life.  Our project managers, safety team, security experts, and engineers, deliver exceptional results.  When possible we partner with local skilled laborers and construction firms so local communities and workers benefit directly from our projects.

Project Management


Our team approaches design challenges from all angles and works together to develop proposals which provide multidimensional solutions.  We seek to design projects which meet the intended goals and include value added enhancement for individuals and communities. 

Design Thinking 
Oriented Development

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 571-758-5340 or fill out the following form


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Tel: 571-758-5340

To apply for a position with IESA, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:  You may also email us with requests to become an industry partner or preferred local vendor.

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There is no other design and development firm on earth quite like Innovative Engineering Solutions for America.  Our firm began with the goal of bringing innovators and subject matter experts into partnership to conceptualize, design, and engineer world class solutions to some of the most challenging design problems. 

Our firm is comprised of engineers, designers, developers, urban planners, public and community relations experts, national and local security experts, former U.S. Government officials,  and experts from a vast array of private industries such as energy, infrastructure, transportation, and finance.

We are also unique among engineering firms because we work directly with the communities in which our projects are located to be sure all stakeholders have a voice and to be sure we use local labor as often as possible.  As our name says, we are here "for America" and we hire local to bring good paying jobs to communities and hopefully help to improve the quality of life for our fellow Americans through our designs and through the resources spent to build them.


for America






Experienced innovators improving life for all Americans, one project at a time.

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